Riverfood and Levels Diagnostics receive ELF Pre-seed loan

Start-ups Riverfood and Levels Diagnostics have both received an ELF Pre-seed loan in order to continue their development in the upcoming years. 

Riverfood creates recycling systems through aquaponics. The waste from farmed fish is broken down by bacteria and is used as a nutrient for growing plants. This way you produce in two ways: edible fish and edible plants. The system is also very compact so that it fits neatly inside buildings.

Levels Diagnostics is working on a simple and fast test to find out if someone has contracted a bacterial infection. At the moment, expensive equipment is still required to diagnose such an infection, which is why many patients are prescribed antibiotics just to be on the safe side. With this test, a better and faster diagnosis can be made, fewer drugs will be prescribed and bacteria become resistant less quickly. 

We wish both companies all the best with the further development of their innovative ideas!